Although Sor Maria never left her convent in Agreda, Spain, she appeared in various locations in the New World to share Christianity with the indigenous people who came to love her. Read her story

“One day after having received our Lord, His Majesty showed me the whole world and I came to know the variety of things he had created.  How admirable is the Lord in the University of the earth.  He showed me with much clarity the multitude of creatures and souls that there were.  And among those souls, how few could profess the purity of faith and would walk through the door of baptism to become children of the holy church.  The heart would break to see the copious redemption did not fall but on so few.  The Gospel showed us that many are called but few are chosen. 

Among so much variety of those that did not profess or confessed the faith,  He told me of his creation that had the best disposition to convert and where His mercy was more inclined was to those of New Mexico and other remote kingdoms in that area.  His Highest manifested His will in this, He moved my spirit with new affection for the love of God and neighbor, and to cry out from the depths of my soul for those souls.” ~ Sor Maria


Story narrated by Cynthia Jordan
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En español narrado por Martha Vera
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